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Bull Genetics

Nichols Farms is located in Southwest Iowa, marketing bulls, semen and embryos throughout the world. Nichols Farms is a family farm, selling Nichols Beef Genetics and offering Nichols Value Added Programs.  Dave Nichols and the Nichols family have led the way with Dave recognized as a long time industry leader, winning nearly every award that the industry has to offer.


We have three purebred lines, Angus, Simmental, and South Devon from which we produce purebred bulls of each breed.  More importantly, we use these three breeds to produce our composite lines:  SX1 (F1 Simmental x Angus), DX1(F1 South Devon x Angus) and DAX2 (a three way composite using Angus, Devon, & Simmental)


 "Crossbred cows producing Composite sired calves provide a 23.3% Improvement in Pounds of Weaned Calf per cow exposed over straight bred cows and calves!" --USDA Meat Animal Research Center.  Nichols Farms is Your Headquarters for Heterosis.


This time of year especially, Nichols Customers are marketing their calves, and we want to help with that—let us know where and when your Nichols calves will be on the market.  As one of our customers said: “Don't miss them - "Nichols bulls really sell calves"

Bull Specifics


Purebred Angus (AN)

Purebred Simmental (SM)


South Devon

Purebred South Devon (DS)

Two way cross with Angus and Simmental (SX)

Angus/South Devon

Two way cross with Angus and South Devon (DX)

Angus/Simmental/South Devon

Three way cross with Angus, Simmental, and South Devon. (DA)

Composite Lines

Limited Warranty

At Nichols Farms we highly believe in our customers success. As we do provide the guarantee that we sell breeding bulls, that does not include accidents or injuries that hopefully don't but can occur. For that reason Nichols Farms offers a Limited Warranty that covers death loss, “loss of use” due to injury and/or a bull
failing to copulate with cows. The warranty is only available on date of purchase. For more details please see the PDF below or give us a call.

Our Bulls

Health Shield

Nichols Farms, again a first, is releasing a Bovine Respiratory Disease (BRD) genetic prediction. These bulls will be identified by a logo called, Nichols Farms Health Shield and represent only the top one-third of the bulls for the trait. BRD costs our industry $900 million annually in economic losses from death, reduced feed efficiency, and treatment cost. Nichols Farms is working and researching to put some of these dollars back into our customers' pockets.

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