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Superior Bulls Available

Superior Bulls Available

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The bulls are off test, semen checked, and ready to improve your herd as a Nichols Bull.  If you are planning to pick up, give us a heads-up call when you are hooking up to your trailer. If you want us to deliver, give us a reminder call--this helps us plan our delivery routes.  Thank you for your business and we look forward to helping you in the future! 


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Please note: The date on the cover is the last recent update. 

Did you know Nichols Farms offers a Limited Warranty available for purchase?

Roger Richter does a bit of everything at Nichols Farms.
“I guess I go wherever I’m needed,” says Rog. He helps Alex calve first-calf heifers; rounds up and sorts cattle; makes hay and mans the tender at planting. Sometimes he’s the farm gopher.
Rog also spends a good amount of time on the road delivering bulls across the Midwest and beyond. He’s been 12 miles from the Canadian border and was even able to make a stop to see the Incredible Dr. Pol, of television fame, in Weidman, Michigan. He left with a signed poster for his granddaughter, now in vet-tech school.
Rog and his wife, Vickie, live less than 5 miles from where Rog grew up near Adair, Iowa. They have a son, a daughter, and two granddaughters. The family spent several years traveling the show circuit when his granddaughters were showing Shorthorns.
Rog graduated from Adair-Casey High School and attended Southwestern Community College in Creston before serving a tour of duty in Vietnam. He is Post Commander for the Adair Veterans of Foreign Wars, providing military funeral rites for veterans and honoring them with an annual Memorial Day program.
He was on the Adair Volunteer Fire Department for many years and has served on the Guthrie County Fair Board for nearly 40 years, helping to oversee a period of growth and new building construction for the fair. The latest is a new show barn and arena. Rog started the West Cetral Iowa Farm Toy Show, now in its 34th year.
In whatever spare time he can manage, Rog says he is “pretty good with a remote if I can get myself into the right position.” He also likes to travel a bit and enjoys a good farm toy show or a cattle sale or show.
He just hit his 10-year anniversary at Nichols Farms and at age 74 sees no reason to retire: “I enjoy what I do. I like working with a great group of people. I intend to keep going if I can.”

Nichols Genetics Customer Sales

Larry Mungle

Farmington Stockyard

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Nichols Superior Beef Genetics

Nichols Farms is located in Southwest Iowa, marketing bulls, semen and embryos throughout the world. Nichols Farms is a family farm, selling Nichols Beef Genetics and offering Nichols Value Added Programs.



C-LOCK Grant

Using C-Lock Equipment

Nichols Farms uses C-Lock’s SmartFeed and SmartScale in
their annual performance test. During the test, eight hundred of
their calves are evaluated for feed intake, growth, activity, and
characteristics like disposition and soundness. From the data
collected with C-Lock equipment, smart ear tags, and genome
sequencing, Nichols Farms has developed expected progeny
differences (EPDs) and selection indexes for feed efficiency. It is going to be a great addition to see what the Greenfeed data has to offer!

Photo: Garett Jameson
Photo: Garett Jameson

Our Specialties

Top-Quality Genetics

6 Breeds and Composites

Superior Customer Service

At Nichols Farms, we are committed to providing our customers with top-quality genetics, six breeds and composites, and superior customer service. We believe that these are the keys to success in the bull beef genetic sales business. Whether you are a rancher looking for the best genetics to improve your herd, or have a commercial herd looking for top-quality beef, we have what you need.

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