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Simmental (PB & 3/4)
SX1 Hybrids
South Devons - (PB, 3/4)
Devon Hybrids & Composites - (DX1 & DAX2)
Angus Fall Long Yearlings

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Coming Two & Three Year old Bulls

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Bred Heifers - Nick Lassen - 816-205-0738 - 25 blk & bwf heifers to start calving March 1 - bred to Nichols calving ease Angus

Clint Travis - 641-344-5447 -80 head of Pairs - calving now - 1st calf heifers

Justin Dammann - 712-542-0645 - 90 Open Yearling Heifers - Simm x Angus

Call Ross for more information - 641-745-5241

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Nichols Farms is located in Southwest Iowa, marketing bulls, semen and embryos throughout the world. Nichols Farms and its franchises are all family farms, selling Nichols Beef Genetics and offering Nichols Value Added Programs.

Nichols Farms is participating in the Iowa Cattlemen's Foundation Wildfie Benefit Auction - April 7th 10:00 - online help at:

I am Angus: Dave Nichols recounts his career in the beef business and what led him to be selected the 2015 inductee into the Saddle & Sirloin Portrait Gallery - the most significant honor in the livestock industry.

"Angus Talk" interviews Dave. . .

Nichols Farms History

I am Angus video with Dr. Wilhelm and clips of Dave and Lee from the early '60s.

BIF Looks Toward a More Efficient and Profitable Beef Industry, by Dr. Bob Hough

Saddle and Sirloin Ceremony Video

What Cow Size is Right For You

Taking Steps to Invest in Replacement Heifers

We've come a long way since 1953. . .

Nichols Farms International History by J. David Nichols

Nichols Farms one of seven regional Environmental Stewardship Award Program


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ADM Alliance Nutritution, Inc

2188 Clay Ave. Bridgewater, IA 50837 - - 641-369-2829

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Nichols Farms is Your Headquarters for Heterosis

"Crossbred cows producing Composite sired calves provide a 23.3% Improvement in Pounds of Weaned Calf per cow exposed over straight bred cows and calves!"

--USDA Meat Animal Research Center

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